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Volunteer Driver Forms

We are always in need of drivers for field trips. To be a driver, fingerprinting is required.
Note: Please allow time for this process as the fingerprinting takes time to receive the results.

  1. Print out the Driver Packet:
  2. Please take the completed Volunteer Agreement Form to the District Office: 984-1 Bostwick Lane, Santa Cruz to pick up the Live Scan Form required for fingerprinting ($64 fee)
  3. Take the Live Scan form to:                  Santa Cruz County of Education             400 Encinal Street                                 Santa Cruz, Ca 95060                             (831) 466-5750                                     Please call them directly for open hours
  4. Print out your DMV record
  5. Return the following to the Cypress office. 
    • Volunteer Agreement Form
    • School Driver Cert Form
    • DMV record
    • Copy of your Auto Insurance Declaration Page
Note: Fingerprinting results will be sent to us  directly.

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