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Cabrillo College

Breakthroughs happen here.

Waived tuition for High School students:

  • Tuition will be waived for .25 to 11 units, but students must pay the mandatory student fees, typically totaling approximately $30-$35.
  • When enrolling in more than 11 units, tuition will be required for all units (no waivers apply).
  • Apply for Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOGW) if taking over 11 units and pay mandatory student fees.
  • Check out additional information here
  • Concurrent Enrollment Form

Students may apply to Cabrillo College for enrichment and for elective classes.

  • Obtain a High School Release Form from the Cypress office, with the principal's signature.
  • Link to Cabrillo College concurrent enrollment information. 
  • Browse the catalog and find classes of interest
  •  Concurrent Enrollment Form
  • Note: Remember that High School Release forms are in the Cypress office. All high school students under 18 will need this form in order to sign up for classes.
Cabrillo Honors Transfer Program
  • Find out more information about this unique program here

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